Access Tennis Seattle (ATS) is a new nonprofit in the Puget Sound Area focusing on the sport of tennis for persons with disabilities.  ATS will provide programming in three pathways: Physical Disability, Autism, and Special Olympics. It is our firm belief that everyone, regardless of disability, should have a vehicle to find their best self

Founded by Anthony Anderson, Johann Tan, and Dan James who each have a personal connection to disabled tennis. Anthony has been in a wheelchair since high school and found tennis shortly after his accident.  He peaked at top 15 in the world in wheelchair tennis and knows first hand the sport can add to a life. Dan is the former National Manager and US Paralympic Wheelchair Tennis Coach.  

With over 25 years of wheelchair tennis experience he has seen first hand how the sport can enhance a life.  Johann, the General Manager of Tennis Center at Sandpoint, has championed the ACEing Austism program in Seattle with a  personal connection through his autistic son.  All three believe that providing tennis opportunities to people with disabilities can fundamentally impact their lives.